Have You Been Misdiagnosed?

I was for many years.  (my story) With the research I’ve done that lead to healing my own body, I can now offer you a customized program which I’ve found to be effective for problems that are physical, mental and emotional.  I provide multiple solutions to a wide variety of problems.  I’ve learned how to look at how conditions interact and to dig deep enough to find the underlying cause.  I don’t simply treat symptoms.  I find the cause and help your body correct that so that your symptoms disappear…..for good.

  • Have you been struggling with chronic pain?
  • Do you have G. I. problems that don’t get better no matter what you try?
  • Are you tired no matter how much you sleep?
  • Are food allergies severely limiting your eating pleasure?
  • Are your hands and feet cold?
  • Do you have restless legs?
  • Do allergies or sinus/lung congestion make breathing difficult?
  • Do you notice a difference in your child after he/she was vaccinated?
  • Have you been diagnosed with PTSD or other trauma related issues?
  • Do you have a sleep disorder?
  • Are you tired of taking medications with little or no results yet many side effects?
  • Have you been misdiagnosed or are worried that doctors don’t know what’s wrong with you?
  • Something not on this list you’re wondering about?


If you answered “yes” to any of the above, I can help!  Call 201-312-9223