Biophoton Light Therapy

Biontology is directed at improving the self-healing ability which every human being possesses. When man-made obstacles have limited this ability, bio-photons (light emitted from cells) are the way to remove those obstacles.

All illness is just chaotic light, so communication with this light is essential to discover the source of an illness.
By making the light coherent, the illness disappears.


Lightwork is a non-invasive process and has no side effects.

Your meridians, or photon highways, have many spots that emit 100,000 packets of light per second.  Using a probe on your fingers and toes, these spots are read to determine which corresponding organs are healthy or out of balance.  When out of balance, the Chiren makes a dropping sound.


Within the system are programs to correct these imbalances.  Since it is a complete bio-feedback system, I can ask your body which of these hundreds of remedies it would like to correct these imbalances.  When we find the correct match, the sound remains constant and no longer drops.


When we have all the remedies selected to correct all of the “drops”, you simply sit back, relax and hold a crystal rod in each hand and/or place your feet on glass plates.


The Chiren will read the light emitted from your right hand/foot, filter out the healthy from the chaotic/unhealthy signals.  It inverts the chaotic signals, picks up the remedies as light, and streams them all into your body through the left hand/foot.  When a chaotic signal is introduced with its inverted signal, they cancel each other out bringing you back to zero field where healing begins.   


I call this process “energy dialysis”.  It takes your own light, filters and balances it, then returns it to your body.  It’s brilliantly simple and very effective.


Initial BioPhoton Consultation: 1.5 hours

  • Comprehensive medical history
  • Whiplash treatment
  • Scar treatment
  • Spin inversion evaluation
  • Evaluation of all meridians
  • Matching remedies to correct imbalances
  • Biophoton light treatment
  • Evaluation of light treatment
  • Second light treatment to support exit pathways


Follow-Up BioPhoton Consultations: 1 hour

  •   Meridian assessment
  •   Biophoton light treatment
  •   Evaluation of light treatment
  •   Second light treatment to support meridians treated